Voxygen is a young, innovative company dedicated to the development and enhancement of technologies of scalable and multi-expressive Speech Synthesis.

For Business

Voxygen is the text-to-speech (TTS) expert you can rely on for your digital communication, whatever your line of business.

Pushing the limits of speech technologies and exceeding the expectations of our customers and partners: this is what fuels Voxygen's innovative spirit. We see ourselves as more than just providers of technical solutions – we can ensure they are optimized for your specific context.

Voxygen's solutions have proved their relevance to all kinds of industries, adjusting to the specific needs of each: Telecom, Transport, Accessibility, Health, Media, Education and Games...

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The speech synthesis engine Voxygen - text-to-speech, or TTS - is scalable and iso-functional regardless its deployment mode: server or embedded in.

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