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Demonstrator Usage

The form displayed under the header "Test our expressive voices" is henceforth designated as the Demonstrator. Its purpose is to demonstrate the expertise of Voxygen SAS in the field of speech synthesis.

Usage: the user selects a voice, types in or pastes a short text and submits it to the website by clicking on the Play button. The user's web browser, after exchanging data with the website, reads back the text using the selected Voxygen voice. The Demonstrator deliberately offers no means of downloading any audio file of the vocalized text.

The user agrees not to submit to the Demonstrator any message likely to prove offensive or slanderous towards any individual or group of individuals. Likewise, no message likely to offend human dignity or to contravene legality may be submitted. In particular, the user agrees not to submit any message tainted by racism, hate, homophobia, sexism, obscenity, pornography or harassment, especially when this message is likely to be seen or heard by underage persons.

Professional use of the Demonstrator is restricted to evaluating the products and services of Voxygen SAS. In particular, it is prohibited to incorporate any audio outputs of the Demonstrator into any products and presentations whatsoever, including but not limited to company-internal, company-external and training documents. To assess your text-to-speech needs, please get in touch with us.


For all non-professional content-vocalization uses, please visit:


The contents of this website are provided for information only. Voxygen SAS includes no guarantee whatsoever as to the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the contents and information published on this website.

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The user is solely responsible for the contents of texts submitted to the Demonstrator.

The operational availability of this website and of the Demonstrator is not guaranteed.

Data collection by the Demonstrator

Voxygen SAS collects the following data through requests submitted to the Demonstrator: text, voice, time stamp. No other data are collected by the Demonstrator. Specifically, the user's IP address is not collected, nor are any cookies possibly forwarded by the user's web browser.


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