Products & Services

Voxygen constantly innovates to meet the needs of its customers and offer solutions, performance products and dedicated professional services. Voxygen offers solutions in over 15 languages and proposes a catalog of over 100 synthetic voices (the most extensive catalog of French voices), brand voices, voices with specific accents, fun voices, and multi-expressive voices.

Voxygen technologies are at the forefront of innovation: a speech synthesis engine, text-to-speech or TTS, scalable, license based iso-functional, or embedded.


VOICE & LANGUAGE CATALOG. Voxygen's voice catalog features over 100 voices, of which some 75 percent are business-oriented. The rest is composed of funny voices and of French-speaking voices with regional accents. Voxygen's language coverage focuses mainly on French; British and American English; German; Spanish; Italian; Modern Standard Arabic; Japanese; Dutch (alternative Belgian) and Wolof.

TAILOR-MADE VOICES. We create natural and expressive voices, bringing color and personality to your contents, customizing them to your particular environment and requirements. We make sure they mesh with your overall communication strategy and we help you create your very own speech identity.

VOXYGEN TTS STUDIO. Voxygen TTS Studio lets you produce studio-like voice messages faster and more easily than ever before. Harnessing the flexibility of our speech-synthesis engine and refining your recordings are just a few clicks away. It has never been easier to ensure messages meet your exact expectations.

VOXYGEN TTS SERVER. Enhance your interactive voice response (IVR) service with a robust and scalable TTS solution. Voxygen TTS Server is Voxygen’s dedicated solution for handling real-time content vocalization. Expressive Speech Server features a client-server architecture available for both Windows and Linux environments. It is compatible with a wide range of leading telephony platforms: Genesys, Avaya, Voxpilot, Asterisk and Cosmocom, among others.

VOXYGEN TTS FOR DEVICE. Augment your mobile app with onboard TTS, whatever the device. Voxygen TTD for Device allows you to enhance your mobile app with real-time TTS. This solution integrates with every kind of mobile device, including phones, tablets, connected objects, automated teller machines and automotive on-board computers. It is platform-independent and runs equally well on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.