Voxygen Technology is embedded in Nawmal’s Serious-Gaming Solutions Launched at Devlearn

Nawmal is launching its new e-learning solutions at Devlearn 2015. This convention, held in Las Vegas, brings together major players of the e-learning industry, from serious games to corporate presentations. At Devlearn, Nawmal introduces its solution dedicated to creating serious games, powered by Voxygen TTS technology.

Serious games are video games applied to learning situations, where they make teaching material more attractive and fun. They are notably gaining ground in in-house training programs. Learners are immersed in virtual environments where they encounter life-like work situations, helping them to improve their skills rapidly.

Speech synthesis is a natural fit for serious gaming, because it provides immediate interaction with the learner. The expressive versatility of Voxygen's TTS voices and the range of languages they cover make it possible to easily adapt serious games to each use case, with highly realistic results.

Nawmal integrates Voxygen TTS with its nawmalMAKE solution, designed to easily transform multilingual text scripts into immersive and entertaining learning videos starring animated, speaking avatars.

With nawmalMAKE, it has never been easier to create your own animated video. A wide selection of visual and audio backdrops, environments, avatars, movements, musics, voices and languages lends you total freedom to create videos that perfectly match the needs of companies for training tools built around serious games.

  •     100+ body positions and facial expressions
  •     Customizable camera angles and movements
  •     Voice-message creation in real time, in just a few clicks
  •     Broad selection of languages and voices
  •     Savings of up to 30 percent, compared with in-studio voice recordings
  •     Intuitive user interface
  •     High performance
  •     Realistic and personalized results
  •     Script-writing assistant

Voxygen voices are directly embedded in nawmalMAKE, allowing users to adjust their characters' voices and intonations.

nawmalMAKE includes a tool for creating voice messages. Users can choose from a wide variety of voices and languages. Just select a voice for each avatar: texts are automatically vocalized when the script is entered during video production.

Embedding Voxygen voices right into the application means that Nawmal's voice-message creation solution is functional even when offline.



        Avatars address each other and/or the viewer while moving through a set chosen and customized by the video designer.                                                 


View the demonstration demo, featuring an English voice by Voxygen: